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We provide complete, up-to-date, Business Planning packages consisting of:


How Does Our Service Work?

We provide complete business plans that have been designed to save you time and give you all of the market analysis and legal advice that you will need.

We also provide you with 140 additional documents that contain the vital spreadsheets you will need and clear advice on managing the business once it is up and running - there is no additional charge for these documents.

We have tried to answer some of the most popular questions regarding our products, business and this website; if you have any questions that we have not addressed then please Contact Us

Who We are

We have been selling business plans online since the last century - well 1998! - and we have now provided over 90,000 pre-written business plans over the web.

We have sent Business Plans to every country in the World and our customers have been a mix of:

  • Students,
  • Hopeful new business owners,
  • Small business entrepreneurs,
  • Accountants and consultants providing services to their customers,
  • Celebrities! (well minor celebrities ...)
  • Global organizations and
  • A whole bunch of other labels we are not aware of!

We remain humbled by this level of sales and happy that so many business owners have used our business plans to help with their own success - even if we may have only played a very minor part in that success!

I'm Concerned About ordering over the internet - is it safe to order from you?

It is completely safe to order over the internet through Paypal!

We only use Paypal to process your orders and therefore we never see any of your banking detail. Paypal would never supply your details to any merchant.

You no longer need to have a Paypal account to use Paypal and their service has full protection for buyers and sellers and is recognized as the safest service on the Internet.

You will receive your plan from and / or within the next 12 hours as specified on the page after you have ordered.

We send from two different addresses - one our own and one a free service - to ensure you receive your business plans on time.

Are your plans written so that I just put my details in and then it is complete?

It is perfectly possible to simply replace the name of the business and its location in our business plan and have a complete business plan.

Of course we would recommend you actually read through our wording, in conjunction with the questions raised on our web page and complete the business plan that way.

We have been doing this a long time and realize that many students stopped reading after the first sentence and went and bought the plan ...

Why isn't the plan automatically delivered?

All of our business plans are updated before we send them to you by e-mail.

We want you to receive the latest information so we make sure the plan you receive is current. You will receive your plan from and / or within the next 12 hours as specified on the page after you have ordered.

We regularly receive information from banks, market research companies and the general media and we add this information to the business plans before sending them to you.

You will be aware that all of the free plans online (and most of the instant downloads to be honest!) are not up-to-date as it is simply impossible to keep them all updated all the time.

We prefer to wait until we receive an order and then make sure the customer gets the very latest information.

How can I trust you to provide the Business plan?

We only use Paypal and they would simply not allow any merchant to advertise products and then not deliver them.

We have had an account with Paypal since 2002 and pride ourselves on always delivering on time and therefore enjoying a wonderful reputation with Paypal.

We would never risk that.

Paypal would not continue to provide merchant services to us if we did not deliver on our promises!

How is the Business plan delivered?

  1. You will receive an e-mail from Paypal with your order details.
  2. You will receive your plan from and / or within the next 12 hours as specified on the page after you have ordered.
  3. Please ensure that you do not have any filters / blockers / deleters / automated spam filters on your e-mail that will stop our products getting to you!
  4. If you do not receive your plan within 12 hours of ordering please check that our e-mail is not in your spam folder.


SEND AN E_MAIL TO and / or after 12 hours and we will re-send the original e-mail to you and work with you to make sure you get your business plans.



We will deliver your plans to the address on your Paypal account - THIS MAY NOT BE TO THE E-MAIL ADDRESS YOU ARE EXPECTING!

  1. Many customers expect the products to be sent to their main e-mail account but we will not know that address if you use Paypal - we only have your Paypal account details!.
  2. Please be aware that you may not even have access to your Paypal e-mail address anymore!
  3. If you do not have access to your Paypal e-mail address then please SEND AN E_MAIL TO and / or
  4. PLEASE INCLUDE A COPY OF THE ORDER FROM YOUR E-MAIL ACCOUNT as we will not recognize the e-mail address you are using if it is different to your Paypal address.

Notes on Delivery

  1. Please be aware that our plans will be about 500Kb in size and this is will not be a problem for any e-mail service.
  2. Make sure you do not have any filters / blockers / deleters on your e-mail that will stop e-mail from and / or
  3. Make sure you can receive attachments. Many smaller ISPs strip attachments from incoming e-mails.
  4. If you still haven't received an e-mail from us please check that your e-mail address you have given us is correct and is working - send a test e-mail to yourself.

Most digital products are now delivered via e-mail or auto-download - this way ensures that costs are greatly reduced and these savings are reflected in our low prices.

What is in each Business plan?

The US & worldwide business plans are set in "Capital City, Stateville", the UK plans are set in "Capital City"

The businesses are generally owned by John (or Jane!) Smith.

Personal and local information is consistent so that you can use the replace feature in word to put in your own details.

The pages on the website go into extensive detail about the questions each business plan will answer.

If you would like details of the executive summary of any business plan, please send an e-mail to and / or - please use the name of the plan that we do and specify whether you want general, US or UK.

How do I know which Business plan is for me?

Our business plans are now provided in packages where we send you additional, complete, business plans. Therefore it does not really matter which of the similar sounding plans you choose as you will receive a package of plans to cover all circumstances.

Which Business plan should I buy if my business is between two plans, do I have to buy them both?

We recommend that you choose one business plan only. If after using that you really think you could use more help, you can always come back and get the other one.

The key to remember is that we are kick-starting your process and you may find it easier than you think to write a business plan, once we have got your started.

Why no phone number?

We supply very low cost business plans and could not do that if we also provided a 24/7 service across the globe - it would simply be impossible. If we received calls from the thousands of people who visit our site every day we would not be able to supply business plans at the price we do.

You will have noted that companies with a telephone number do not supply business plans at the prices we do!

We also find that we can provide better and more accurate information via e-mail than over the phone - for example by providing a summary of a plan - quite clearly this would be impossible to do over the phone so that you could digest the content of a business plan - we do not want to pressurise you into buying during a phone call - that decision should be yours and yours alone.

I am concerned about buying this product without being able to look at it first.

If you would like details of the executive summary of any business plan, please send an e-mail to and / or

We can only send executive summaries of business plans we advertise.

Do the spreadsheets contain financial data?

There are still people who download a few numbers off the Internet and take that to the bank, or worse to family and friends, and think that they will get funding - too often from family and friends they do get the money and lose their family and friends when they fail!

The truth is that creating the numbers is the part that most people struggle with, but the reason for that is that creating numbers after you have your wording is extremely easy - writing your business plan to match someone else's numbers is very difficult indeed!

We provide free documents and books that tell you how to use your wording to create simple, understandable, spreadsheets rather than make up a lot of numbers that would be confusing and useless to you.

How do we know?

Two people open a business, one at home and one in an office. One employs two staff the other one. One has the equipment they need already and the other needs some. One of them will have a storefront and one will work mainly on-line. One is selling cheap products with no after-sales service and the other is charging more with a full guarantee. One of them is 26 and looking for instant revenue the other is 55 and is using their savings to build a long-term business.

And so on and on and on ...

Still think you can find the right numbers for your business online?

We supply 40 spreadsheets to cover all of your needs.

These are:

  • Balance sheet - simple layout for you to fill in your numbers
  • Balance sheet (Alternative)
  • Basic invoice - basic invoice on spreadsheet
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Business plan by spreadsheet - a uniquely simple way of creating a business plan using a simple spreadsheet system
  • Cash flow analysis - a simple spreadsheet enabling you to put in your numbers and analyze your cash flow
  • Checkbook register
  • Credit card payoff calculator - calculates how to pay off those credit card debts
  • Employee time sheet - a time sheet with breaks included
  • Family budget planner - every family should budget
  • Forecast
  • General supplies request
  • Loan amortization schedule
  • Monthly household budget
  • Multi purpose invoice
  • Office supplies request
  • Opening day balance sheet
  • Personal financial statement
  • Personal monthly budget
  • Pre business budget evaluation
  • Profit and loss - 12 months
  • Profit and loss - 3 years
  • Project management schedule
  • Project timeline
  • Projected cost sheet
  • Purchase order
  • Sales forecast - 12 months
  • Sales invoice - sales Invoice spreadsheet - one more for good measure
  • Service invoice - you have a service industry or want to keep service invoice
  • Service Invoice (hourly rate) - you charge by the hour
  • Startup business cash flow - 12 months
  • Startup business cash flow - 3 years
  • Startup business profit and loss - 12 months
  • Startup business profit and loss - 3 years
  • Startup expenses
  • Start up spreadsheet - set out your startup costs
  • Team contact list
  • Travel expenses - keep tabs on your travel expenses
  • Weekly timecard - timecard by project

These excel spreadsheets are all easy-to-use and can be linked very quickly to give you all the financial information you need

What currency are the Business plans in?

  • The US / worldwide plans are in dollars and the UK plans in sterling

  • We use a $ sign in the worldwide plans and this can easily be replaced with your currency symbol

I have another question that is not answered here

Please send an e-mail to and / or

Personal Information

No information about yourself is passed or sold onto any hird parties.

We do not retain your e-mail address or place the address on a mailing list.

We have 46,719 different business plans that are delivered 4 different ways

You can use our search box or work through the list below

5 Things All Businesses must do

After you have completed your Business Plan what are the the five things that you must do?

  1. Get financed

  2. Find the right hosting

  3. Spread the word quickly

  4. Promote your brand

  5. Develop apps - people love apps!

And try and have some fun!

Get financed

Find the right hosting

Spread the word quickly

Promote your brand

Develop apps - people love apps!

And don't forget to have some fun!

The Most Complete Business Planning Package Online

At the prices they charge, this is easily the best deal on the net! - Entrepreneur

A Great Business did not just happen - It was planned that way.